Committed to help you live your true purpose of life .

Making your Life journey Successful


NKM Global  Solutions is in the Mission of helping People align with the true meaning of life and grow to the fullest from within through Positive mindset and Self belief.


To be able to make a difference to people's life across the globe by helping them align with the true purpose of life thereby bringing positivity and fulfilment in their life.

Growth Solutions

Management Consultant, Life coach & Spiritual wellness services.

Management Consultant

Leadership Mindset building. Confidence and positive attitude building to accept and overcome challenging situations gracefully. Goal alignment with advance Leadership and Management skills.

Life coaching

Providing consultation to manage imperfect or unfavourable situation perfectly .Simplifying complexities or adversities into opportunities and possibilities . Growth Mindset building,

Spirituality & Wellness

Alignment with the highest goal in life which is Freedom & Fulfilment. Meditation techniques to live in present joyfully. Highest Spiritual wisdom helpful in Self discovery and peace of mind.


1.Sufferings in life is due to our own Ignorance. Just like when we are in darkness, we are bound to make mistakes and encounter failures but when light comes, mistakes and failures are gone. In the same way when the light of awareness dawns ,the darkness of Ignorance vanishes.

2.When we are aligned with the true purpose of life with the right path to achieve it, we enjoy journey of life and eventually attain the highest goal of life.

3.The highest purpose of life is Fulfilment and Freedom(Moksha) which is not physical goal but spiritual goal. Materials are medium not the goal, goal is Spiritual . Until or unless one is aligned with the Spiritual goal, one is bound to suffer out of Ignorance.

4.One can’t escape challenges in life, challenges are inevitable on the path of growth. What matters is how one manages those challenges and go beyond them to attain the goal. Guru is the physical manifestation of the Spiritual goal(GOD) who guides people to attain the goal.

5.Those who believe in themselves more than situations emerge as great leaders by outgrowing any situation.

6.Successful are those who are stable from within and dynamic from outside in all situations which help them accept and overcome challenges that come on the way to the Goal.

7.You will fail if you chase money whereas you will win if you follow your passion with difference making mindset and Self belief. Success eventually follows your passion and Pure intension with perseverance.

Arise ,Awake and stop not till the goal is attained.

How we help you :

At NKM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, we build the leadership mindset by making you aware about your true self, help you discover your passion and your true potential. We will guide you to your journey to Success and Happiness .

About the Founder

Bhagwan Shri Narendra Kishore

Shri Narendra is an enlightened Spiritual Guru & Chief Management Consultant from Engineering and Management background. He is in the Mission of helping people live their true purpose of life and attain to freedom and fulfilment within.

With the purpose driven mindset ,he is on the Mission of  helping people grow to the fullest potential through the journey of life .He is guiding people through his own experience & deep understanding which he acquired through his journey to Fulfilment. Apart from his deep spiritual insights and understanding acquired through his Self enquiry, his experience also includes Management prowess which he acquired while working with Big Brands including  FUJIFILM, CARESTREAM(KODAK) , KIRLOSKAR, ALLENGERS , L&T Medical (SKANRAY), etc. By education, he is an Engineer and also an MBA in International Marketing with distinction.

His in-depth understanding about Life & Management is based upon the  practical application .Being blend of Science, philosophy and Spirituality, he is adept in problem solving and is well equipped to handle and overcome any challenging situation that comes on the way to Growth.

Great leaders don’t impress, they inspire .Intention behind actions makes all the difference.

Shri Narendra Kishore, Bhagwan Shri Narendra kishore

Bhagwan Shri Narendra Kishore

Management & Spiritual Guru

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